Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Foraging, just for fun

A few weeks ago I set out to design a bouquet, just for fun.  My good friend and neighbor has the most amazing garden roses I have ever seen, and gave me free reign to cut them, so of course I did!  I used almost all local, "foraged" blooms and greenery for this bouquet - Erika's old-fashioned garden roses and leucothoe, wild clematis from the side of the building, some kind of unidentified "weeds" that grow down the alley next to the shop, Japanese painted fern from my garden... so much fun! 

I loved the way this bouquet turned out, and I will definitely be searching for more interesting foliage and flowers in the 'hood.  Neighbors watch out... I've got my eye on your weeds. I've got clippers and I'm not afraid to use them.  But don't worry, I will ask you first!